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Bikini Wax Options at Our Los Angeles, CA Salon

Waxing offers a fast, precise, and sanitary hair removal solution. When you want to touch up your personal grooming for a special occasion or in preparation for swim season, visit Smile Skin Care Salon for a bikini wax.

Our Bikini Wax Styles

The right bikini wax style can help any woman feel confident and comfortable, even in her most revealing bathing suit or most beautiful lingerie. We offer several waxing styles so each customer can choose the look she wants.

Our waxing styles include:

  • Brazilian bikini wax. Perhaps the best-known waxing style, a Brazilian wax removes all the hair from the panty line as well as from the butt for a seamless, smooth result in both the front and back.
  • Hollywood wax. The Hollywood style wax takes hair removal a step further than even the Brazilian. Choose a Hollywood bikini wax to fully remove all hair from the pubic area.
  • Regular bikini wax. Think of the regular bikini wax as a simple cleanup. This style consists of removing the hair outside your panty line, such as in the crease of your leg or on your inner thigh. A regular wax includes the option to remove some hair from the top to create an even, triangular shape.

Not sure which style you prefer? Talk to our technician during your service, she can help you decide on a hair removal style that you’ll love.

Our High-Quality Service

For over 30 years, Smile Skin Care Salon has helped Los Angeles, CA, residents look and feel their best. To ensure your comfort and satisfaction, we use the highest quality honeybee wax for all our waxing services. Each of our bikini waxes is completed by an experienced and licensed team member to provide you with the most precise final result.