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Marina has been my Esthetician for years. She has always done my waxing needs and is jut wonderful in every way. From the other reviews, you get the gist of her waxing skills. Her demeanor is genuine. What I want to let everyone know, is she not only is a gem at waxing , she is absolutely the BOMB with facials! I came out looking and  feeling revived and years younger, I am not wearing any makeup today because of the facial I got from Marina last night! It is amazing and I forgot how much my poor face needed it, I am so pleased with the way it turned out - I will be making my facials appointments along side my waxing appointments! Nothing like having a full service beauty shop which you love! Thank you Marina! You are the Best! 


Rada at Smile Skin Care Salon on Third Street, this little hole-in-the-wall sallon, gives the best bikini wax. She's a young but experienced-you never get ingrown hairs-so models ,stylists,Melanie Griffith, everyone goes to her."

-Jeanine Lobell

Our History

We have been in business for over 30 years, in fact we were one of the first waxing salon at the time. It all started out with a young mother that wanted to start a waxing salon, the result was Smile Skin Care Salon. The significance in the name Smile, is that she loved the word Smile and what impact it has on people, hence the name Smile Skin Care Salon. Since then we had many favorable and known celebrities, and also been in many magazines such as Vogue, Allure, and many others. Current business owner Rada Vayner, daughter of the mom that started it all, has been working at the business since she was 18 years  old. When she became owner she hired her fellow employees, which are Marina, working at Smile skin care salon for 18 years and Ella, working at Smile skin care salon for 15 year. All three of us are very experienced in what we do, and we all LOVE what we do. 

Client Testimonials

What We Do

Smile Skin Care Salon specializes in professional waxing and soothing and relaxing European facials. We use top quality honeybee wax and soothing  mask for a relaxing facial treatment . Come inside to our salon so we can  accommodate your needs.